Welcome to our Campaign!

This is an awesome website that we can use to elaborate on your characters and to keep track of what is happening in our ongoing story, because it seems that we will rarely have a complete group when we play, so this will help missing players catch up on what they missed.

If you look at the tabs above, you can see that there is a place for everything: Characters, an Adventure Log, and even our own Wiki, so information will be very accessible.

What I am hoping this will be is a place for you to evolve your Character.
In the Characters tab, I have already created a character for each of you, and once you join I will switch it over to your possession. From there you can fill in 2 different types of information: “Crunch” and “Fluff”. I don’t really care about the Crunch, because its just numbers that are on your Character Sheet. What I want you to do is to write a back-story for your character; How do they act? What in their life caused them to act this way? Where did they grow up? How did they end up in Fallcrest with the rest of the party?

Have FUN writing your story. Get creative! Try to imagine what kind of life a Dwarf/Elf/Hobbit would have. If you need help getting started just send me a message on facebook.

A "Band" of Adventurers

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